Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Encouraging Stories:

Sometimes as a pastor it's easy to get discouraged when it seems like "nothing is happening." So I'm going to use this format to write things about things that are happening. This week I heard two encouraging stories:

First, I was encouraged to hear about two guys at church who are going to start meeting together to go through a bible study program. I was blown away that one of these guys was willing to meet with anyone so this is great news.

As we approach Christmas and as we work through Advent Conspiracy as a church I heard on Sunday about a daughter who gave her mom "lunch a month" for the year. This meant taking the time each month to schedule and plan a lunch out - way more work than getting a cheap gift at Target. At the same time this mom was sharing how much fun they had, how her relationship with her daughter was closer, and how she hoped to be getting the same "gift" at Christmas this year.

It's amazing how these little things, when I write them down, can encourage so much.