Monday, January 07, 2013

Elevator speech

I'm creating an "elevator speech" for the new MA program we're developing at Tabor College Wichita. Please have a look and add your comments to help me make this "speech" even better. Thanks. 

“Not only can anyone be an entrepreneur, but they must be.” – Reid Hoffman, cofounder and executive chairman of LinkedIn Corporation, and author of The Startup of You.

The Theological Education Department at Tabor College Wichita is considering introducing an online masters degree in Entrepreneurial Ministry Leadership. The current era is defined by rapid change therefore ministry today requires entrepreneurial leaders who are trained in biblical studies, who are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, and who have the ability to lead and think creatively and innovatively. We are designing this program for such a leader.

This degree will emphasize a variety of areas, including: the Bible, creativity, understanding culture, semiotics, and how to start new ministries in a variety of contexts.

The degree will be delivered online, along with a faculty supported learning community, an international learning experience, and supervised ministry experience in the student’s local context. 

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